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I made this video a few years back. My advisor, Dr. Flandro, played an important role in the Voyager missions. It was his side job in grad school to investigate missions to the outer planets. Without the use of gravity assist it takes decades or longer to travel to the outer planets, thus making the missions difficult and also harder to sell politically. Using the sling shot benefit of gravity assist it is possible to travel much quicker to the outer planets. Dr. Flandro's work discovered that a unique orientation of the planets allow a 'grand tour' of the outer planets including all but Pluto (which isn't considered a planet anymore anyways.)

This animation shows the position of the planets and the spacecraft in time. It will pause and give dates for the important events. I made this video using codes I had written in Matlab which depict the position of the planets at any point in time. I added to that program a data set which plotted the paths of the voyager missions with respect to time. Matlab is pretty good for making videos and it has built in compression options. I have the original full resolution version on my computer. Shown below is a compressed version. [12.895MB]

[Note to self: Add Matlab codes here.]


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