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We are currently working on getting a sausage or salami powered rocket to work. We have the stand built and have ran a few test runs with moderate success. We have achieved ignition with a short burn time, we are working on increasing its reliability.

We had the idea to try this out quite a long time ago. Hybrid engines can run on almost anything that burns. Sausage is actually a pretty good propellant. All the oils and proteins make good fuel for both rockets and us.

Recently Mythbusters attempted to run a salami powered rocket on their TV show. They claimed success, but I doubt their results. It seems to me that they simply just released all the NO2 out the nozzle, or what was left of it, and that is what propelled them. There is no evidence of actual combustion, the salami was simply just taken for a ride. So we are going to show them how it's done.

(add small video clip of their launch) (4/07)