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This project is a natural extension of the UAV. A cruise missile is basically just a UAV with an explosive payload. Now, I am not going to be adding the explosive payload, and to avoid any real trouble won't be putting all of the details on this page.

A guy in New Zealand was working on a project like this. He got in some trouble over there, even though there is nothing illegal about building an autonomous vehicle. His site is at

He claims that he can do it for less than $5000. I'm pretty sure I can do it for less.

Here is a breakdown of the parts that are needed:

1. GPS for location tracking

2. Other Sensors like accelerometers, IR sensors, compass ...

3. Microprocessors for computation and control

4. Servos to fly the thing

5. The actual construction cost

6. Engine Costs

7. (If you want trouble) Explosives

So this is looking to be about 100+300+100+200+300+200=$1200.


Now I'm not talking about building a missile that has the speed or precision of an actual cruise missile, but something that could hit a target. And anyways, a cruise missile costs $250,000 to $1.5 million dollars. So if I take 250,000/1200 = 208.3 - So one accurate expensive missile, or 200 cheap ones.


I guess I'll make it my goal to build this for less than $1,500 and it needs to hit a target once out of 100. This would make it 2-10 times better than a cruise missile - Sort of.


I've got more info - I'll add more soon